Update 6. Expanding self management

  • 25 Jul 2017

Just two weeks after Update 5, Update 6 for Vision is scheduled for release on Monday 31st July 2017, at 9 PM UK time.


Even more self-management

Continuing on self-management introduced in Update 4 and expanded with Update 5, Organisation Administrators will now be able to perform more tasks to self-administer their Vision system and get what they need faster. These new features include:

  • Creating new tags and editing existing ones
  • Choosing which tags are available on each layer
  • Creating new custom fields and editing existing ones
  • Choosing which custom fields are shown on each layer
  • Creating new filters and editing existing ones
  • Creating new demographic groups and editing existing ones
  • Creating new demographics within a group which aggregate values from existing demographics in the same group
  • Defining your own layer relationships for API integration


Report Viewer auto-expiry

In Update 5, we introduced prompts before your login expired to the main system. In Update 6, we're extending this to the Report Viewer. Now, if certain interactions do not take place within the space of one hour, we deem the report to be inactive and log the user out automatically. Returning to the report is as easy as clicking the link again, and this will remove annoying errors for those users affected.


Bug fixes and tweaks

Update 6 contains several improvements and bug fixes, you can read about them in more depth using the below link.

Read more about each feature in our help centre here.