Update 5. More self-management and an improved legend

  • 07 Jul 2017

Update 5 for Vision is just around the corner, and scheduled for release on Monday 17th July 2017, at 9 PM UK time.


Expanded management options

Expanding on the introduction of system self-management in Update 4, Organisation Administrators will now be able to perform more tasks to self-administer their Vision system and get what they need faster. These new features include:

  • Creating new layers and editing existing ones
  • Choosing what demographics to display on a layer, and in what order
  • Selecting which classifications can be applied to records within a layer
  • Choosing the formatting options for each layer
  • Creating new classifications and editing settings for existing ones


Better login expiry detection

After four hours of inactivity in Vision, you currently get logged out but aren't returned to the login screen correctly when this happens. In Update 5, you'll be prompted to stay logged in or log out and if you don't respond to the prompt within five minutes, we'll automatically log you out and return you to the login page.


An enhanced layer control and legend

Update 5 brings improved icons to the layer control and legend that better reflect the appearance settings you have applied to layers and classifications. For example, if you have a classification that's purple in colour applied to an area layer that has green borders, then the icon within the legend will have green borders and a purple fill to better reflect what you see on the map.


Read more about each feature in our help centre here.