Update 3. Our most exciting update for Vision yet.

  • 15 May 2017
20170515 - Vision Update 3.png

Our most exciting update for Vision is just around the corner; scheduled for release on Monday 22nd May 2017, at 9 PM UK time.

What can you expect to see?

Update 3 is jam-packed with improvements to the software, including customer-requested features.

Expect to see

  • A new login screen
  • Password reset
  • A new toolbar with descriptive tooltips
  • User-defined projects
  • Map screenshot
  • Sticky search results
  • System administration
  • Bug fixes

Read more about each feature in our help centre here.


Better support

Our customers span the globe and often need help when we're not open. To meet the growing needs of our users, we've been working hard to improve our support centre which is full of articles to get you the help you deserve with a simple search. If users are still stuck, they can also submit tickets for rapid response times and view all of their previous communications with us.

Our support centre is available at support.vision-mapping.com.