Vision Update 17 is here!

  • 06 Dec 2021
Creating and editing areas.jpg

Update 17 is all about quality-of-life changes with improvements to existing popular features, a new highly-demanded feature, and general performance and stability improvements. Read more about Update 17.

Clustering improvements

Location clustering has received some special attention with a stunning, professional new look that beautifully contrasts all map types. Clusters are now also clickable, zooming to fit the map around the locations within them.

Creating and editing areas

It's now much easier to distinguish the boundary of the area you're building against the rest of the map. We've also paid special attention to radial areas with a new radial drawing tool, and editing custom boundaries is also much more efficient.

Median value demographics are now aggregable for territories

Ignoring the fact that taking the average of averages or median of medians isn't entirely mathematically sound, sometimes you just need to work with them as best as you can. Due to popular demand, we've now given our users the ability to choose how to aggregate previously non-aggregable demographics. Say hello to territory-level median household income!

Data Updates

The following datasets are being updated alongside Update 17.

New Zealand Administrative Boundaries + Census 2018 Data

There are now even more options for geography and demographics with the 2018 release for New Zealand!

A reminder about the 2022 price changes

A gentle reminder to you all that our new pricing will come into effect for existing clients from 1st January 2022. If you didn't get a chance to read about the changes when we announced them on 1st October, here's another chance to do so.

Read more about the changes to subscription pricing.

Looking to the future

What's coming next?

We discussed many of these when we announced Update 16 back in April. We've been working on them in the background and the plan is that these will filter down to you during 2022.

  • Improvements to sharing.
  • Drive-time areas and Drive-distance areas.
  • Improvements to filtering.
  • Better support with importing your data.
  • Further stability improvements.
  • And more...