Vision Update 15 is here!

  • 22 Jan 2021
Management Area.jpg

An entirely new and improved management area

Following more than one year of planning and implementation, we're finally ready to release our new account management area with the new organisation management area coming in Update 16.

With a completely redesigned UI, account management has never been easier, or dare we say it, more fun!

Views are the new Projects

Projects are being replaced with Views in Update 15 to better reflect what most users use them for, but don't worry, any existing projects have been converted to views for you!

There's a lot more than a name change going on. They're easier to manage in the new account management area, it's easier to pick the view you want from the map, and you can even set a default view which is automatically selected every time you log in.

User preferences

From the new account management area, Update 15 now lets you choose whether area labels automatically turn on with areas and you can choose your preference for distance measurements between kilometers and miles.

Looking to the future

Update 16 will deliver the following:

  • A brand-new organisation management area (we're already about 70% of the way there behind the scenes).
  • Lots of data updates for many countries and an easy way to upgrade to the latest boundaries in your own time.
  • And more...