Vision Update 14 is here!

  • 03 Aug 2020
vision-update-14-01-label-settings.jpg (1)

Update 14 for Vision has arrived!

New and re-imagined features. An improved hosting infrastructure. Lots of data updates. Vision Update 14 has it all!

A better infrastructure

We already invest heavily in the hosting infrastructure for Vision. After all, it's responsible for the speed, stability and security you've come to expect of us.

That hasn't stopped us going further. More speed, more stability, and more security are all on the agenda. After all, can you ever have enough?

Improved label content

If you didn't realise that you can already add data as content to area labels, then now is the time to try it!

As well as a redesigned UI, you can add even more data to your labels and also apply optional prefixes so you don't forget which label shows what data!

Area labels can now have optional prefixes to better identify them in Vision.

Improved copying of areas

As well as giving the design a refresh, we've made a host of improvements to copying areas.

Now you can copy additional data, and even copy territory areas to hand-drawn layers.

Improved area copying with more options and better feedback.

Share Statistics

Back in Update 12, we had to say goodbye to Report Usage when Sharing replaced Reporting.

It's back! And even simpler and better than ever! This one is for you, Dan!

Share statistics shows you how many times your area has been viewed and who by.


We've had some requests for Mexico and are pleased to announce that it is now available to add to your subscription.

Data updates

We're updating several datasets with Update 14, including:

  • American Community Survey (ACS)
  • UK Health Sector Locations
  • Buzz Education UK School Locations
  • UK Market Location Business Counts

Looking to the future

What's coming next?

Update 15 will deliver the following:

  • Improvements to custom fields to make it easier to create relationships between records in different layers. At present this is too hard and requires API integration. This will pave the way for exciting features that deliver even more value in your subscription.
  • A new user account management area where you can better manage your projects and more...
  • User preferences. As our user base grows, certain aspects would benefit from users being able to overwrite system defaults but just for them. For example, seeing distances in Km rather than Mi.
  • Improvements to projects.
  • And more...

If you want to read more, head on over to our support centre.