The next step - See your customers

  • 10 Oct 2017
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Moving up to feature pack 2 allows you to get your customers into Vision and add new users. To be precise, it's up to 50,000 individual locations and have a total of 5 users. In this article, we’ll look at the situations you might find and how your new users can help your business move forward.

See your customers

Seeing your customers in Vision, alongside your territories, can give you a great understanding of where things are working well and where things need to be changed. Let’s talk about what you are likely to find when you can see both of these layers together:

Do customers match territories? – how well do territory borders match their trade area in terms of customer locations.

Map showing a territory and it's customers.

  1. Does a territory need to be worked on? – if large areas of an awarded territory are being unused, you will want to work with the franchisee to grow into this area. If they don’t want the extra opportunity you can look to buy it back for another franchisee to take on.

  2. Can we expand a territory or sell another? – if a franchisee has fully maximised their territory, is there an opportunity to sell a neighbouring expansion area or territory for them to develop.

Is there a great underlying to opportunity award? – if large concentrations of customers are located outside of the current territory network, and are concentrated around a town or city, why not target franchise sales for that area. What’s more, you can prove the opportunity that already exists there by showing the customers plotted in Vision.

Map showing two existing territories with their customers plotted.

Message received? – Are your marketing campaigns working throughout territories or does the message need to be tweaked? Judge the success of your marketing by seeing the visual increase in customers for an area.

Map showing a territory with their customers plotted.

Use your users

Now you have gained this information, you can set your new users the task of developing results for each of the different areas.

Franchise Managers - can work with franchisees to grow and maximise their territory. This can be done by identifying which Postcodes need to be grown into, and which of these contain the best numbers of target market. If the franchisee isn't interested in the unused area, you can look at working with Franchise Sales about selling this area to a Franchisee who wants to work there.

Map showing a new territory being created.

Franchise Sales – are now able to look at encouraging successful franchisees to target new high opportunity areas that neighbour their current territory. Alternatively, they can look at promoting unsold territories that have a high concentration of customers already to new prospective buyers.

Map showing a new territory between to existing territories.

Marketing – can use thematic shading to locate and target high opportunity Postcodes and then check the customer growth in those areas. This knowledge can then be used to implement campaigns across the territory network and country, achieving better results than just unfocused and standard marketing campaigns.

Map showing new customers plotted for a territory.


If you're interested in seeing your customers or want more information on the upgrade process, please get in touch with Vision support so we can look at helping you.