UK School Location data now available in Vision

  • 25 Jan 2018
UK Schools in Vision.jpg

The UK Schools data pack for Vision is an exciting new addition to anyone working with children and schools in the UK. Almost 26,000 schools in the UK are accurately positioned on the map with supplementary information, and the data has also been aggregated to provide counts at postal and administrative geographies.

The data

This dataset contains 25,949 schools (as of Jan 2018) within the UK which can be viewed in two ways:

  • Locations. Each school has been geocoded, allowing us to accurately position it on a map. Additionally, location markers for each school are colour-coded to denote the type of school (such as Primary and Secondary). When you click on a school's location marker you can view detailed contact information and other supplementary data.
  • Demographics. The number of schools has been aggregated to all postal and administrative geographies, allowing you to easily view the total number of schools in any given area.

The data from School Mailings is covered by an accuracy guarantee of 97% for email data and 99% for postal data. For more information on the data, have a read on their website.

How can this data be used?

Subscribing to this data package in Vision can provide your business with a number of key benefits.

  • Clarity and Insight. See data on every school in the UK on top of a Google map alongside your territory boundaries, customer locations, and site locations.

  • Territory Planning. If school locations are important to your business model, you can ensure that each of your territories contains the right number of schools. When combined with target market demographics such as children aged 4 to 14, this becomes a powerful tool.

  • Targeted Marketing. By targeting the right schools in the right areas, you can establish a network of sites throughout any area and better place your marketing efforts to reach more children.

About School Mailings

School Mailings are an industry leading Education Marketing company supplying businesses with a range of marketing services to help them target UK schools.

School Mailings have constantly strived to lead the way when it comes to selling to schools.  Over the last 5 years, their business has grown rapidly and so too has the team.  They have the largest data management team in the industry whose job it is on a daily basis to manage and cleanse their data.  Their key role is to ensure that, although they have a 99% data accuracy refund guarantee in place, no client ever needs to avail of it.

If you want to know more about them, please take a look at their website here.