Australia and Mexico Updates are live!

  • 12 Sep 2022

We're pleased to announce that today's update to Australia and Mexico is now complete and you will be able to start migrating to the latest data from within Vision.

Updating your territories to the latest demographics and boundary borders

Many of you will be aware of updating your systems to implement the latest boundaries, but if you are not, there are often changes to a Country's administrative or postal geography. This can often happen when new Census data is released.

Whenever there is a boundary update within Vision, we make you aware to do it at a time that suits you. Forcing an update that can haveĀ an effect on your existing territories, franchise agreements, websites, CRM's or job management systems isn't an ideal situation for you! Letting you to do it when you are prepared means a better awareness on the implications within your business.

Read more on boundary updates in Vision.

Looking to the future

What's coming next?

If you're a UK or US client, you may be anxious about the latest Census data being released. Please be rest assured that once the data has been released it will be a top priority to process and import it into Vision for your use. Both have tentative releases for Spring to early Summer 2023, so watch out for an update email on your next steps!